These Freedoms

The inspiration behind this poem is pure and simple. As I have time to deeply reflect I think fondly of the freedoms to do the simple things like sit at a cafe and read; gather with friends at a park and roam about without an apparent care in the world. How all that has changed for us ALL!

I believe the single greatest gift is that of appreciation. Appreciating the small wonders that perhaps we have all taken for granted only for but a while it being swept away from us

These freedoms These freedoms we dearly cherish Hung dry in the blazing heat Soon to pass and perish If we all give in to defeat These restrictions, we all admonish Will hang around for a little while Until that time to abolish Leaving us with a relieving smile For how long do we have to bare? Until the innate need begins to swell And together we cry our urge to share our triumphant stories to collectively tell That generations to be May live and wisely so And yet, be totally free To access what we, not yet don’t know



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