Bonds of love

Thought behind this poem I have been reflecting on what makes connection meaningful. Whilst there is an innate biological imperative to the need of connection my thoughts are that it is more powerful than simply that definition. For those of you who are well versed with quantum physics there is a theory called quantum entanglement which essentially means that a particle communicates with its paired opposite with no regard for space and time. It is beyond the boundaries of physical definition And that is what I want to offer in this latest poem to you all. That what keeps us all truly connected are the ‘bonds of love’ between us all

Bonds of Love

Human connection Bonds of love entangled Empowered in a moment of reflection Whereupon the thought of another Energises the bonds of love even more From great depths of the unknown We reach with an invisible touch Like a quark in the distant shore To intuit the true meaning And purpose of it all, in contemplation Everything that exists in this moment Is but a drop in the vast ocean Of the eternal dimension Where bonds of love prosper And our consciousness experiences An expansion beyond self interest That our temporal existence breaks free From the perceptions of fear And once again, our bonds of love May be further strengthened, In times such as these....



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