Coaching Principle #27 ‘Create Independent Learners’

As coaches, teachers and mentors our goal is to create independent learners

Cultivating an environment of learning and growth requires character, connection and competency. Above all it requires awareness and the skills borne out of experience to know when to shift a student from a follower to a leader. To let them fly on their own...

The trap with ego is that the teacher and mentor becomes a guru who merely creates blind followers. The types who don't grow up and live in the shadow of their master! I see this in the fitness industry; political and religious circles in particular. Yet no one person or group is immune to this problem

As Daniel Coyle states in his brilliant book 'Little book of talent', "Think of your job as building a little Master-Coach chip in their brains, a tiny version of you, guiding them as they go forward"

The message is pure and simple; we need to let go of our control and enable greatness to flourish in others. Our role as a coach is to empower our students, clients and athletes to go on and do great things. This then reflects on us as coaches: that we have made such an incalculable impact as to leave a lasting legacy.

Coach’s Tip:

Visualise those who are under your coaching guidance currently. Is there one thing you can let go of so as to loosen the control you may have over them? Is there something you are holding back from not telling them? Coaching is not about being nice as much as it is about being raw and addressing the stumbling block that is in the way between you and your client, student or athlete.

Sometimes we need to face the truth and perhaps move on in an amicable fashion. We cannot force a situation that is ‘dead in the water’.

Reference: Daniel Coyle, Little book of talent



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