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Don't Stop Imagining


'Logic takes us from A to B. Imagination takes us anywhere’Albert Einstein


Picture success Ignoring thoughts of fear and the revisiting of harassing memories

Focusing instead on the outcome so desired from your heart

Yet not dabbling in wayward hope and empty expectations without first focusing your thoughts -like concentrated rays of light -For purity is sparked by a conscious effort to picture your success and so not doubting the manifestation of that very thought; a powerful convergence echoing the sentiments the universe so desires for us all...Your thoughts do MATTER!


Mindfulness strategyPractice contemplation daily. To contemplate is not to be sucked into dour and dire thoughts. It is a practical way to reflect on your day or any event and taking proactive action beginning with positive intent.  




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Coaching Principle #29 ‘Let the creative juice flow’

October 15, 2018

 ‘Logic takes us from A to B, Imagination takes us anywhere’ 

Albert Einstein 

Creativity is a gift bestowed upon us with the sole purpose to do gr...

Stop counting reps

October 9, 2018

Coaching Principle #28 

‘A Trainer Counts Your Reps,
A Coach Discounts Your excuses’

Martin Rooney

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