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Make someone smile and laugh

‘Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is beginning of love’

Mother Theresa  


It's a great thing to make someone smile and laugh 

How often do we reflect on a day when you made someone smile and another laugh!?

It makes the day much brighter when you give of yourself that which is genuine and authentic 

It doesn't cost anything but a little of your time, energy and acknowledgement of another human being as worthy as you 

Better to be positive under any circumstance than stuck perpetually in a negative state of mind  

Mindfulness strategy
Think of all the people you pass on any given day. How many are strangers and how many are people you know? Do you adopt one persona in front of 'strangers' and another to those familiar? Get into a habit of making someone smile. Make a conscious effort to do this daily and before you know it you will be habitually smiling and making others do the same 


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