Habit 3‘Learn to Just Be’

'When you walk just walk When you eat just eat' Zen proverb What a great shame it is for us to scamper about in our daily lives. Going from one thing to the next like frantic peoples at an end of year sales special.

I was reminded by a good friend of mine one time of the importance of doing nothing. Just have a complete chill day where there is no planning going on or even a planned day. Make it your day, a day where you can truly rest and rejuvenate your weary body and mind.

What if we slowed down a little, absorbed our surroundings and took a deep breath? What then!? You see we can adopt one of two perspectives: Live for the moment or Live in the moment! By living ‘in the moment’ we can truly and wholly be present to whatever it is we are doing: eating with family; reading a book; training with your friend and so on... Each passing moment offers an opportunity for us to enrich our lives. Therefore, each moment is a new experience that make us a more present and an in-depth human who is 'Being' rather than always 'doing' Strive in your daily life to be present and discover the beauty in all things Mindfulness strategy

Keep 1 day in the week which is your rest day. Spend it alone, with friends or with family. Do your thing and recharge your batteries so that you do not burn out!



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