Habit 2‘Dial down the white noise’

I recall a family dinner some years ago when I took the liberty to switch the TV off that was blaring in the background as we all gathered for a special family dinner. My sister in law at the time abruptly remarked ‘oh it is too quiet now’…

How many of us are familiar with such an instance? I do think that we can slip into any sort of habits that are convenient and somewhat comforting at the expense of being present; whether that is eating alone or with a friend or family members. What are we sacrificing to have the TV on or checking the phone? Connection and presence with those around us.

By mindlessly checking our phones or flicking the television on we are creating an environment where we are disconnecting from reality and the severing the virtues of connection and meaning making. In other words, our relationships suffer. We don’t need a scientific paper to all agree on this point.

In our fast-paced world, it is easy to be warped and seduced by all the technological marvels. It is an easy form of escapism from reality to have white noise all around us. The sound of silence is a beautiful thing. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and you will feel more enriched for it

My final bold words are: Turn off the TV; bin trashy gossipy magazines; give up the excessive drinking and eating; instead exercise more; be positive; stay grateful, learn and grow. Become who you truly are: A spiritual being looking to become human in the majestic and experiential flow of life

Mindfulness strategy

Make a commitment, whether on your own or as a family to ‘ban the phone’ at dinner time. Instead create an open and warm dialogue that will leave everyone enriched with memories that are simply beautiful.



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