Habit 1 ‘Manage your precious energy’

‘You are the Steward of your energies’ Rob Bell What do you give your energies too? To become efficient human beings, we need to learn to conserve and use our energy wisely. By energy, I am referring to psychic/mental and kinetic/physical energy. How many of you have fluctuating energy levels throughout the day? Let’s say if we used a scale of 1-5, where 1 is low energy and 5 is optimal, where do you sit?

If we consider that the body gets tired, then it follows that our mind submits to the same laws of fatigue. What we need to identify is what is causing an energy drain to take place? What activities are you doing that may counter your strengths? It is like that classic uphill battle, trying to push through when all you really needed to do was find another way forward. And when we are under fatigue and suffering an energy drainage becomes our self-evident short fall.

One concept I absolutely admire and we can all learn form is Wu-Wei. It derives from the Taoism meaning the path of least resistance. It has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with performing a task that does not involve excessive struggle or effort.

Rather than see life as a daily struggle, how can we create more flow in our life so that we can create that path of least resistance? One way is to examine the things we do as leisure and equally the people we hang around. ‘Show me your friends and I will show you your future’, so the saying goes…

What we read, watch; who we spend time with are examples of ways in which we can spend meaningful psychic energy doing the things we love. How much value do you place on your time? In particular, are you seeking activities that will create growth or stagnation; people who will feed positive energy and challenge you to keep pushing your boundaries.

Mindfulness strategy: Our energy must be directed with Focus for us to have an optimal state of energy. Think about a situation that has consumed you where you needed to act on it and you didn’t. You decided to avoid your friend on a lingering issue because you feared the response. Are you using your energy wisely here or are you getting drained from it?

Identify some triggers in your life that cause you to react negatively. Why did something so trivial like someone cutting you off in traffic work you up so much? And what is the energy cost of that?



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