Coaching Principle: ‘Mirror the Best’

‘The best part of making the movies…learning from the pros themselves’ - Michelle Rodriguez, actress

If we want to be the best, then we need to mix it with the best. Mirroring the best isn’t about copying what another coach does, it is drawing inspiration from their hard-earned title as a master coach. This means we need to seek out the best in their field and learn from them. This is a principle that I have applied throughout my coaching journey. Continually seeking those coaches and experts out who will add value to what you do and indeed add a new dimension to you as a person. After all, great coaches lead by example!

Often ego can get in the way of seasoned trainers, teachers, coaches or presenters. We cannot fall in the trap of complacency as this will stunt our own growth opportunities and our ability to improve on our particular craft. Just this week I took a course from my good friend Mike Fitch who is a class presenter with a great program called ‘Animal Flow’. Now I didn’t go there to disrupt or make a point that I also present to other professionals. I sat back, took notes, participated and learned a tonne from a great presenter and teacher. I walked away after the two days keen to improve how I teach and incorporate the knowledge I gained from the course.

The great soccer player Pele was once asked has he learned all he can about the game. Humbly he replied ‘I never stop learning and will only stop the day I die’. Imagine every one of us adopted this attitude of continual learning, we could reach such great heights. That said, it is important for us to identify who we would like to learn from. Is it some trainer who you have looked up to but are afraid to ask them for help? Chances are if they are a great trainer or coach they will want to help you. You just need to take that bold step to be clear on what it is that you want to gain. Being mentored is a powerful thing and places you in a challenging situation. To learn from a master requires sacrifice, humility and patience.

I recall very early on in my coaching career 2 particular trainers I wanted to model myself on. I got them to train me and was inspired by the way they not only conducted themselves but by their passion and dedication to what they were doing. To this day still remain friends with them.

Coach’s Tip:

Write down a list of teacher’s, coaches, trainers who have impacted your journey. What are the qualities that distinguish these individuals? How can you learn from them and apply their wisdom into your very own practice?

Next, write down a list of all the great coaches you currently know and look to seek them out. Find out where they are and ask to observe their coaching style. There is absolutely nothing out of our reach. Only the limits we place and impose upon ourselves.

Keep Reaching, Coach Tarek



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