Coaching principle: ‘Lead by Example’

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ – M. Ghandi

No one likes a hypocrite! Yet how many of us ever catch ourselves in a moment of hypocrisy?

To become a trusted authority not only to your clients but respected by your fellow professionals requires us to lead by example. Understanding how to lead and create a lasting following requires us to introspect and do the little things well in our own life.

  • Are you training regularly?

  • What are your eating habits like?

  • Do you smoke?

  • Do you drink too much?

  • Do you recommend products that you would never consume yourself?

We could draw this list a little further but instead I would rather you list areas in your life that need addressed to become that example that you would like to see in others. Your clients and fellow peers will respect you for it. More importantly you will feel an inner sense of integrity and pride in what you do.

True leadership is realised when we step out of our selfish cacoon and take that leap of faith to stand up and be counted. Making a decision about something requires us to always take calculated risk. The calculation occurs when we weigh up the so-called pros and cons via analysis of sorts. The risk is the doing. It is taking action and not waiting for that shooting star to appear before we make a decision about something.

Leading requires us to reach where others will not go. By focusing on what we do best, being 100% responsible and taking action, we set the example for others to follow in our footsteps.

Coach’s Tip:

Write down a list of areas in your professional life where there are ‘opportunities’ for you to set a better example to your client and group. It takes a bit of humbling but best to be honest with ourselves than be caught proud and folly in the eyes of our clients and peers. This feeds into our next principle which is to ‘Reflect often’.

Recommended Read: Leading, Alex Ferguson

This book stands out as it details how passion and commitment to your profession leads to success in any field. Sir Alex being one of the greatest sporting managers in history provides great insight into how he managed his players and also the habits he created to become the success in all that he achieved.



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