Coaching Principle: ‘Be Solution Focused, not Problem Oriented’

Imagine you are teaching a class and mid-way through the timer breaks. How will you react? More importantly, what will you do? If you take a reactive approach you will think it is the end of the session. You will be frustrated and that frustration will filter to the members of the class

What if we took a different approach? One where we remain calm and have a solution focused mind-set. How different the outcome will be if we act in a 'solution focused' and not 'problem oriented' manner.

The way of the coach is to find solutions to everything. And to on teach that approach to students.

There will always be things that go wrong in the gym space; classroom or on the sporting field. We must plan for the what 'IF's' and establish a course of action when something does go wrong

Too often we can point to a problem and have 'fixed mind-set' that says: 'Well it won't happen again so I'll just leave it for now'. If the clock inexplicably breaks down mid-way through your class, what is your 'immediate' and 'long term' solution

Short term solutions require us to act immediately, like an emergency response whereas long term solutions ensure measures are put in place to minimise the risk or possibility of the problem happening again.

I recall a few years back at an international conference in Thailand where my co-presenter Dan Henderson and I were running a mini workshop. Everything you could possibly imagine went wrong: too many people showed up; no translator and less equipment than we expected. Something had to change as the shit was hitting the fan. We had a plan B just in case of such instances and executed it with no dramas whatsoever. In fact, that became one of the best sessions we have ever delivered, to over 100 raving trainers.

Next time you face a situation where something goes wrong such as too many people than you planned for in your class, keep calm and act quickly to find a solution. By keeling calm, we avoid the stress triggers that will cause us to panic and instead allow us to come up with creative solutions

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