Coaching Principle: ‘Be Present, not Aloof’

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” - Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Being present is something that we at the functional Training Institute have made a principle when teaching our courses. We encourage trainers and coaches to focus and be there when training their clients or groups. This principle is closely related to trust and are inextricably linked. Now there was a story recounted to me by a student in one of my courses who told of a trainer who left his client for 10 minutes to pose with his friend. To my astonishment the client did his own thing until it was convenient for the trainer to come back. The Trainer resumed the session as if it was all right to do what he did. Quite simply this is amateurish and a disgrace.

One of the biggest paradigm shifts a trainer makes is to take what he or she does seriously and embody a professional approach to their work.

Adopting a positive and open mind-set is where it all begins. If we continue to live in a world where all we think about is the money, we are making then the passion and purpose of what you do gets distorted. We will then start taking on more clients to ‘pay the bills’ when at the end of the day you are once again burnt out. Far too often trainers take on more clients than they can provide a quality service to. Our energy is a precious resource that requires us to replenish our stores so we can give our best once again.

Another reason our ability to be present with our client may be diminished is due to a loss in connection with that client. Maybe it is best to cut the client loose if this is infecting the culture within your business. This equally takes courage and consideration because here again the fear of losing income is a factor playing on our minds. Would you rather a more flourishing and healthy environment in which for you to work? How much better and positive will this then rub off onto your other clients?

A happy coach, happy clients…

Coaching Tip:

Ways in which we can be more present as a trainer:

  • Don’t use your phone in the session (put it on silent and tell your client to do likewise)

  • Find a suitable space to train your client without too many distractions. Now of course if you work in a busy gym you just need to find you ‘patch of ground’ and let nothing disturb you and your client/group.

  • During the rest periods ask for feedback from the client or group and gauge their progress and energy levels

  • Politely tell your friend or colleague you are training and do not get caught up in their agenda. Your focus is your client or group

Recommended reading/Reference, Eckhart Tolle ‘Power of Now’



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